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As Countries Began to Form Agreements Spain Allied with

As Countries Began to Form Agreements, Spain Allied With…

As history has shown us, forming alliances and agreements with other countries can greatly benefit a nation`s economy, politics, and security. Spain is a country that has been no stranger to these agreements, as it has formed alliances with many other nations throughout its history. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the countries that Spain has allied with over the years.


One of Spain`s oldest and most significant alliances has been with France. The Treaty of the Pyrenees, signed in 1659, marked the end of a long-standing war between the two countries and solidified their friendship. Since then, they have cooperated in many areas, including politics, defense, and trade.


Spain`s neighbor to the west, Portugal, has been another important ally. The two countries have shared a long and complicated history, but in recent years, they have strengthened their relationship by working together in the European Union and working towards mutual economic goals.

United States

In the 20th century, Spain formed a strong alliance with the United States. During World War II, Spain remained neutral but provided assistance to the Allies. Later, in 1953, the two countries signed a mutual defense treaty, which was reaffirmed in 1982. Today, Spain and the United States enjoy a strong economic and military partnership.


Spain and Germany have also formed a close relationship, particularly in the political and economic sectors. Spain was one of the first countries to recognize the Federal Republic of Germany in 1955, and they have since worked together in the European Union and on various other international issues.


Spain`s former colony, Mexico, has also been a significant ally. The two countries have a shared history, culture, and language, which has facilitated communication and cooperation. They have worked together in many areas, including trade, tourism, and diplomacy.

In conclusion, Spain has formed alliances with many different countries throughout its history, ranging from neighboring Portugal to far-off Mexico. These alliances have been essential in promoting peace, stability, and prosperity in the region and beyond. As countries continue to form agreements with one another, it will be interesting to see how Spain`s relationships with its allies develop in the years to come.